Sombra Overwatch Exploit keeps him infinitely inside the wall on Numbani



“I’ve never been so early to see a problem before it’s fixed.” / Image courtesy of Blizzard

On Numbani in Overwatch, an issue was found that allows Defenders to endlessly block the initial capture point while using Pirate Damage Specialist Sombra.

In a title like Overwatch, where perhaps even the tiniest of differences can end up being the decision-maker of the game, it’s important to discover and grasp all the perks that each card has to offer. Well, it looks like this feat has taken this philosophy to another level.

As posted to YouTube by Talyir on November 21, it seems that even after all these years and a sequel in development, there are still many secrets to be discovered on Overwatch’s OG maps.

It turns out that by taking full advantage of Sombra’s Translocator, players can make their way through the wall of the Aetria building and sit on the point undisturbed.

In the comments, most were either impressed that Talyir found this or indifferent that it might be used against them due to the Overwatch development team’s strong track record in patching. swift feats such as this one.

Some have also pointed out, however, that an easy way to counter someone doing this would be to have Hanzo use his ultimate Dragonstrike on the dot, given that he kills anything in his path, even through the walls.

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