Tchouameni, Camavinga… and Ceballos – AS USA

Despite Real Madrid return from Almeria with three pointsthe joy was tinged with minor concern over a number of substandard performances. Rüdiger was responsible for Almeria’s goal, although he later made amends and played decently. Both Tchouameni, like Camavinga, had indifferent games and eventually both players were replaced with Modric and then Casemiro entering the fray. As the balance of the match tilted towards the visiting team, it did so with the Modric-Casemiro-Kroos axis at the heart of midfield. As things stand, the often-talked-about core overhaul doesn’t seem imminent.

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Rocky starts

Tchouameni and Camavinga are good players, just like Antonio Rüdiger, but player transplants don’t always work well. There is always room for doubt and the midfield is a particularly tricky area of ​​the pitch to start experiments with. There are players who collect the central zone like Casemiro, or there are those who seek to create and offer the distribution to the attackers like Modric or Kroos. Central players have less time to adapt to a game and need to get started quickly. Stepping into an established midfield is far from an easy task, let alone at such a big club. Both Tchouameni and Camavinga will need to prove themselves and move up the club hierarchy through hard work, solid training and attitude.


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The Ceballos Option

Personally, I see Dani Ceballos (who missed a large part of last season due to this injury at the Olympics), as a better alternative. Here is a player who is not afraid to take risks and who dares. If he doesn’t get the ball then he goes for it and is then decisive and resolute. Ancelotti said last season that he was unfair to the Sevilla player so I guess we will be able to see him more and more this season. In addition to monitoring the development of Tchouameni and Camavinga, there is also Asensio keep an eye on. A player not in a different position from Ceballos (contract expires in a year and also playing with the possibility of finding another team with guaranteed playing time with the Qatar World Cup imminent) but his reaction to the sideline saw the player react in a very different way, with a lack of drive and initiative.

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