Telefnica SA: Telefnica opens its MWC stand in the metaverse

Telefónica, a company with innovation in its DNA, is experimenting with a stand associated with the metaverse at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) being held in Barcelona from February 28 to March 3. This test provides access to a virtual space inspired by the physics booth where users can connect with experts, attend presentations and live a unique experience to discover the impact of technological innovation in business and society. .

It is a large-scale virtual space with a social layer where attendees can visit the Telefónica booth at MWC as an avatar. It will be available for mobile and web (PC, tablet, etc.) via the link, as well as on the microsite dedicated to the company’s participation in the MWC, https://www

During the last edition, in a context marked by the pandemic and the desire to connect remotely with the MWC, Telefónica presented a twin or digital stand to facilitate access to the wide range of services, solutions and applications of the ‘business. This 2022, following the innovative and unconventional vocation of the company, Telefónica goes further with this enriched proposal, in the form of a virtual stand that eliminates physical and temporal barriers for all those who want to enter this temporary metaverse .

A pilot virtual experience

To take advantage of this experience, users will be able to choose from ten predefined avatars before entering the booth. Once inside, they will be able to walk through the space and define their experience in real time.

In the Agora space, they will enjoy live or recorded conferences. They will also be able to access the different spaces that bring together the proposals for the transformation of the sector that Telefónica brings to Barcelona. There are six different experiences, four also present in the physical stand and two additional included exclusively in this virtual environment. Visitors can browse them and above all interact or click on the “Let’s talk” button (bubbles icon at the bottom right) to arrange an appointment which three other participants can join, with an expert who will answer their questions. . These meetings with experts will take place via video calls within this temporary metaverse.

In addition, users can test their technological knowledge with interactive tests or learn about smart buildings, the future of industry or robotics and 5G thanks to the additional information collected in the 11 digital transformation manuals in which the company collects the successes of its technological projects and digital proposals in sectors such as tourism, health, education, sport or leisure.

“The 3D web allows us to bring the metaverse closer to all users in an easily accessible format, without losing the freedom of socialization, exploration or interaction that it offers. It is a step in the scale parallel to the technologies that will populate the mainstream metaverse in the coming years, virtual and mixed reality,” says Edgar Martín-Blas, CEO of Virtual Voyagers, the company that developed the project for Telefónica with Somos Experiences.

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