The art on the City Hall wall features works by artist Yasamin Safarzadeh

Above: Artist Yasamin Safarzadeh talks a bit about his exhibition at City Hall.

MANCHESTER, NH – With a helping hand or two on Monday from Manchester Arts Commission member Jozimar Matimano, artist Yasamin Safarzadeh hoisted his works onto the walls of City Hall. She is this month’s featured artist.

In the video above, Safarzadeh explains that the theme of these particular works – some arranged on loose canvas and others incorporating plaster or thread – is an exploration of the body from a non-traditional and non-conformist point of view. .

As Safarzadeh stood in a chair and manipulated the hanging wires, allowing the artwork to be adjusted according to the size and position of the wall, she had a captive audience – while a line of Dozens of taxpayers meandered from inside the tax/auto registry office and down the hallway, and were able to give him instant feedback, with comments ranging from “awesome” and “beautiful” to “love this one.” -the”.

Safarzadeh took it in stride – as an artist she tends to go inward, but she’s also been a public participant in the city’s art scene lately – designing and painting a mural on the building behind Dancing Lion and more recently helping with a large-scale mural project along the Piscataquog Rail Trail.

When not up to a project, Safarzadeh is program director for Kimball Jenkins at Concord, where she currently runs a summer internship for young people exploring the arts.

Below: Yasamin Safarzadeh and Jozimar Matimano working together to help install August’s Art on the Walls exhibition.

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