The best films that will turn 50 in 2021



While the accusations against Woody Allen haven’t completely spoiled the experience of watching his films for you, there is still joy to be found in his work. When aliens in “Stardust Memories” from the 1980s tell Woody Allen “We love your movies, especially the funny movies of the year,” Allen mocked himself and referred to stormy images like his third directorial effort, “Bananas,” in which he naturally also wrote and play.

In the trailer and in his own words, he describes his role and the fruity plot: “I play the part of Fielding Mellish, who is a product tester at a small company in New York, who through the turn of events finds himself leader of a Latin American country. ”Indeed, Allen as Mellish gets in the way of pursuing an activist girl (Louise Lasser, who had divorced Allen in real life a year before) and ends up by donning revolutionary fatigues and a long beard similar to Castro’s. He was shot, harassed by the press and the public, and even had to go to court, where he objected: “This trial is a parody . mockery of a sham. “

“Bananas” was in part based on the book “Don Quixote, USA” by Richard Powell, had a score by Marvin Hamlisch and Yomo Toro, starred Sylvester Stallone in an uncredited leading role as Subway Thug No. 1, and marked the first of two collaborations with acclaimed sports announcer Howard Cosell. Orange, are you glad you saw “Bananas”?


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