The daily cartoon and the live briefing: Sunday July 24, 2022

Time: Rather sunny in the morning, then rather cloudy with a risk of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 90s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent. Sunday night: Partly cloudy. Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the mid 70s. Southeast winds 5-10 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Today’s Editor’s Look:

Cats and dogs alert: The Flagler Humane Society is full and needs your help in finding homes for cats and dogs. All cats are available for adoption for only $5, all dogs are available for adoption for only $10. The Humane Society is located at 1 Shelter Drive (off US 1), Palm Coast. Dial (386) 445-1814.

Veterans Park Fountain Design Competition: The City of Flagler Beach needs your help designing a new fountain for Veterans Park. Submissions should include the following;

1. Name of Nominator

2. Title of proposed feature/part

3. Background concept for the piece – Answer “How does your proposal (water fountain/aquatic feature) honor and/or honor veterans?”

500 words or less

4. Physical description and/or characteristics of the part (materials/construction? Etc….)

5. Artistic sketch/drawing/representation of the proposal/piece

6. Estimated cost of the proposal?

7. Anticipated maintenance costs?

The design competition will run until September 26 at 5:00 p.m. and submissions should be emailed to our City Clerk at: [email protected]. The City will form a committee to review the contest submissions and the winner will be revealed on Veterans Day 2022. We can’t wait to see how creative our community can be.

“The Wacky Wonderful Oz”, at the Daytona Playhouse, 100 Jessamine Blvd. Daytona Beach, Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. Adults, $14, youth, $8. Sassy Dorothy arrives in Oz to find she has crushed the Wicked Witch of the East. She embarks on an adventure with new friends, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tinman. This remarkable journey takes them to the great magical Wizard of Oz. where is he? Will the Leo find his courage? The Tinman a heart? The Scarecrow a brain? And will Dorothy ever see Kansas again? Musical adapted by Kathy Thompson from the original classic.

Grace Community Pantry, 245 Education Way, Bunnell, drive-thru open today 1-4 p.m. The pantry is hosted by Pastor Charles Silano and Grace Community Food Pantry, a Flagler County disaster relief agency. Feeding Northeast Florida helps local children and families, seniors, and active and retired military members who struggle to put food on the table. Working with local grocery stores, manufacturers and farms, we take high-quality food that would normally go to waste and turn it into meals for those in need. The Flagler County School District provides space for much of the pantry storage and operations. Call 386-586-2653 to help, volunteer or donate.

Notably : Alexandre Dumas (father), father of 300 pounds, of which The three Musketeers and 20 years later, was born on this day in 1802. He could take a line or two from Balzac: “The bourgeoisie was what it always was: friend and protector of law and order, desirous of change and charlatanist at the possibility of a change.” “The bourgeoisie was what it is at all times: friend of order, protector of peace; it desired a change and trembled that this change would not take place.” The Mohicans of Paris).

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We had known birth in the conformist 1950s, adolescence in the wild and colorful 1960s, and youth in the anticlimactic 1970s riddled with drugs and sex. We had largely dodged our proud nation’s wars, Cold War skirmishes, and then the horrific (but brief) Sino-American Holocaust. AIDS, before the development of its amazingly simple and effective vaccine, had afflicted strata social outcasts, homosexuals and drug addicts. -the takers and children of the poor, but not us. Those of us here still held winning tickets to the cancer lottery and had not fallen into any of the accidents, automotive, industrial and cardiovascular, thinning the ranks of working Americans. It was amazing to me to see how many of us there were: white-haired and arthritic, we were like the specialized plants that sprout a week after a wildfire has seemingly swept all life to ashes, and our countless grandsons were there to drag humanity deeper into the 21st century, to the brink of the unimaginable 21st.

–By John Updike Towards the end of time (1997).

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