The Tesla Cybertruck competition is called Thundertruck and its design leaves no one indifferent – CVBJ

The electric car road has many branches and forks. Whereas in the beginning electric vehicles were only transformed combustion models, it is now fashionable to design them from scratch for the sake of energy efficiency.

Because of this, cars began to be seen on different roads, with totally new designs and odd shapes. These, for the most part, are electric. And the reason is clear: the electric car has different needs compared to the traditional car.

This, which is a reality that we are starting to see, has become a pretext for some car manufacturers, who They started to design the most extravagant vehicles to stand out from the competition.

One example is the famous Tesla Cybertruck, just as it is the novel Thundertruck, an American proposal of 800 electric horsepower which promises to be the most extreme off-roader of the planet.

The proposal is the work of Wolfgang LA, a creative agency in the United States, who wanted to design a true electric SUV that could be autonomous regardless of the harshness of the terrain.

Enter the characteristics that this vehicle would have is a 180 kWh battery which would provide approximately 643 km of autonomy, an 800 hp engine and the possibility of converting the car into a 6-wheel pick-up.

The most striking thing is that one of the extras of the vehicle are solar panels which could be deployed on the roof to recharge the batteries at any time (as long as we don’t move, of course).

As we travel the panels folded like bat wings and when we went camping or resting they folded out, providing shade for travelers and recharging the car batteries. .

The car that Elon Musk promised so that anyone could have the opportunity to buy a Tesla is already a reality in the market. In this report we show you everything this Tesla car is hiding.

Regarding the data that attracts the most attention, The agency assures that its Thundertruck could in 3.5 seconds the 0 to 100 km / h, something common in powerful electric vehicles as they can deliver full power instantly, an advantage over combustion cars.

At the moment, this is only a prototype, as this vehicle is not real, so we have no price, no release date or real pictures, only renderings. It is still worth the detour because it is impressive.

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