Three thousand years waiting for you (wish for three thousand years)

USA-Australia 2022 108 mins.

To know george miller script george miller You Augustus BlondesIn particular “The genius in the eye of the nightingale” relates to DAS Bayat. photography John Seal Song Tom Holkenborg performers Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton, Olivia Porter, Matteo Bocelli, David Collins, Megan Gayle, Nicolas Mouwad, Jack Brady, Kan Guldur, Emito Lagum, Burku Shader, Lachey Hulme, S Yuksel, Zarine Tekindor, Melissa Jaffer, Anne Charleston

George Miller cut his teeth in fantastic cinema, whether intended for an adult audience, like the saga madmax Hey Witches of Eastwickor the youngest and most innocent, with baby You happy feet at the head He rarely strays from style, and when he did, he was also right, as it happened. oil of lifeThe title of his latest film gives a good idea of ​​what we will find there, an oriental extravagance in the purest style. Arabian nights And a tale of tender and eternal love that goes beyond the whimsical and the conventional that finds itself on the fringes of the most extreme romanticism. with a beautiful and deliberate staging KitchenMiller reclaims a style cultivated for decades, of exotic and sensual adventures set in the Far East, in which the thief of Baghdad and led the exploits of Sinbad. But in his imaginative spirit, with the help of the author of the novels turned into films under the title of possession You Angels and Worms, builds not only a nest of adventure and exoticism, but reinvents pure and deep love in the key of harmony, respect and good understanding. For this she uses the allegory of the imagination, with the genie of the lamp guiding a satisfied but emotionally flawed writer through three millennia of stories of love and ambition that will weave the emotional path that will lead to spirit and soul of this woman. Will open the vision to a somewhat pragmatic and conformist vision, albeit developing the art of fiction, with an environment which he does not share but which he has certainly adapted to. Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton lend themselves to this colorful game with enormous faith, which helps to immerse themselves in the chaotic and extraterrestrial universe proposed by Miller and for which he relies on a shameless aesthetic or his style of modesty extravagance and extravagance. The result is a different and provocative film, epic and intimate at the same time, moving and thrilling, enhanced by two brilliant performances and a precise direction that knows perfectly well what it wants to convey and how to do it. We appreciate that many of the characters in its original version speak foreign languages, some possibly dead or perhaps even invented, not succumbing to the disturbing temptation to make English a universal and traditional language.

Three thousand years waiting for you (aspiring for three thousand years)

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