Veteran’s mother and sister attacked by hijab fanatics

An alley in Shiraz has been cordoned off after two veiled women were physically assaulted by two conservative women influenced by the government’s hijab policy.

Sunday’s incident came in the wake of a sweeping Iranian state crackdown on women’s civil rights, affecting major cities including Shiraz. Several women have been arrested in recent months for violating Tehran’s compulsory hijab rule.

The Headquarters for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has also released a 119-page policy paper aimed primarily at local government, calling for increased scrutiny of women and a higher degree of interventions in what they wear. .

Iranian news outlets report that on this occasion, however, the two victims of state-sanctioned violence happened to be the wife and daughter of an Iran-Iraq war martyr named Mansour Karim Sadegh.

Their two assailants were later arrested in the Gulistan city district of Shiraz while the scene of the assault, Mostafavi Passage, was sealed off by police. Shiraz city governor Lotfollah Shibani said late Monday that they acted “because of verbal reminders to observe hijab, forbid what is good and prevent what is bad.”

Last May, Ahmah Alam al-Hoda, the influential Friday imam of Mashhad and father-in-law of President Ebrahim Raisi, told people not to wait for the police to act if they saw an unveiled woman in public.

“Vice prevention is obligatory for everyone, and it is not permissible to be indifferent to the absence of hijab,” he said. “Everyone must feel responsible.”

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