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The water jets in the swimming pool:

The Forest Park District continues to invest in the park. And we are supporters.

Last week, at one of those ever-lame opening ceremonies – OK, the day camp kids were cool – the parks started work on three new play areas on the outskirts of the aquatics center. We saw them as stand-alone additions to the fun, but district officials pointed out that the $ 1.9 million project was essentially a first step in the gradual overhaul of the entire pool complex.

Forest Park was a municipal pioneer when it first added water slides and other more enticing attractions to the regular old swimming pool a generation ago. But such features wear out, age or need to be refreshed. The new “Candyland” themed wading pools reflect this effort.

I can’t wait for next summer, when the kids can have fun at the pool again.

New mission for the dashboard:

It has been gratifying to see in recent years a rejuvenated Forest Park Recreation Board that has brought the city’s long overlooked pocket parks to life. Somewhere in its endeavors, the board played a role in finally shaking small parks from an indifferent party hall and placing them in the more militant hands of the park district.

Inconvenience? This sort of left the dashboard without a cause. So what does a determined group of volunteers do? It’s finding a new way to offer help in town. The initial plans, and subject to what we assume to be welcome approval from the village council, are to become a volunteer center for the whole village and also get directly involved in some local events.

Maybe some of these events could take place in a pocket park.

Café Kribi grows:

Forest Park’s distinctive coffee destination has long been talking about plans to expand beyond Madison and Circle. Today we report that Jacques Shalo and his family business will be opening a second location in one of Oak Park’s lesser-known historic buildings. This is the Boulevard Arcade building on South Boulevard near Marion Street. Now occupied by the Cross Fit shared workspace, Kribi will have multiple audiences, including residents of shared offices, neighbors of new Oak Park buildings, and commuters (when there are more commuters again) heading around. to the green line or Metra.

Cool to see a Forest Park icon spreading its wings.

Welcome, Reverend Timothy Hein:

Forest Park Baptist Church spent two years without a permanent pastor. It ended this month with the arrival of the very interesting Reverend Hein. Drawn to Harlem Avenue Church in part for the diversity of his congregation, Hein and his family felt close to the aspirations of this long-standing Forest Park church.

We also offer our welcome.

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