Why Leonardo DiCaprio jumped into a frozen river during “Don’t Look Up”

Leonardo DiCaprio has worked in Hollywood for over three decades. And the former child star continues to find new ways to surprise fans. Over the years, the Oscar-winning actor has worked with some of history’s greatest directors. But few fans probably expected him to team up with the filmmaker behind Presenter and Half brothers for Do not seek, a dark and comical riff on disaster films. What happened during production is even more shocking.

Leonardo DiCaprio attends Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” World Premiere | Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Adam McKay’s new comedy “Don’t Look Up”

In Do not seek, DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play a pair of astronomers trying to warn the world of a comet heading straight for Earth. The film uses this scenario as an allegory of climate change. Either way, the world – at least according to the film itself – remains indifferent to an impending threat. Considering DiCaprio’s environmental activism over the years, McKay’s film feels much more in tune with his interests.

Of course, McKay has evolved as a filmmaker as well. His first five films starred Will Ferrell, but the 2015 one The big court saw the emergence of another facet of the director. The film – and its sequel in 2018, Vice – aim to bring together comic elements with dramatic political and socio-economic issues inspired by real events. In this regard, Do not seek seems to be a hope for a dark future. Or, as its poster indicates, it is “based on really possible events”.

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The actor went to extremes to save his dogs during the filming of the film

However, as extreme as the story of Do not seek perhaps, DiCaprio found himself in real-life danger during the making of the film. While Weekly entertainmentIn the recent Around the Table panel, the film’s cast – including Lawrence and Jonah Hill – revealed how DiCaprio ended up diving into a frozen lake to save his dogs. The actor owns two huskies who lived with him during the filming of the film in Boston.

At one point, one of DiCaprio’s dogs fell into the frozen lake. So he jumped to save his dog. And, as Lawrence explained, the other dog jumped into the lake as soon as they took out the first one. The two dogs and DiCaprio were even all in the frozen lake at one point. Fortunately, everyone was fine. But as DiCaprio said, “[Living in California] [he] I didn’t understand what you are doing on a frozen lake.

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Leonardo DiCaprio reunites with Martin Scorsese for his next film

Despite this experience, Do not seek seems to have come together well. The film has already won four Golden Globe nominations, despite mixed reviews from critics. But with a cast that also includes Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet and Mark Rylance, it makes sense for the industry to praise the film.

For his next project, DiCaprio will reunite with longtime collaborator Martin Scorsese to Moon Flower Killers. This will be the sixth film the couple have worked on together since 2002. New York gangs. And the Western crime drama will also reunite Scorsese with another frequent star of its films, Robert De Niro.

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