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I always hear reporters saying that Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst doesn’t matter if they trade Aaron Rodgers now or if they wait until March 2022 because their pay will be choices. 2022 Draft. There may be more teams other than the Raiders and Broncos joining the auction due to how things turn out with their quarterback situations. I understand. What I don’t hear, because of Rodgers’ age, is that you just wasted another year with him and now I would pay less for him next year than this year. Thoughts?

– RT Phillips, Austin, Texas

Rodgers will be 38 in December, which means he will be 39 in December 2022, so yes that should have an impact on his business value. Acquire Rodgers now and the price should be at least two first-round picks and two players. After playing 17 games (plus the playoffs) and absorbing untold physical penalties, I’d cut the price down to a first-round pick and two player.

Here’s an interesting scenario: Let’s say Rodgers retires instead of holding Packers training camp next month. If the Broncos are a surprise team in the NFL this year and are 6-3 or 7-4 as the trade deadline approaches, would GM George Paton still be looking for a trade for Rodgers? I said he would, but he would have some influence over what he should give up.

Since Super Bowl 50 and the departure of Peyton Manning, this team seems to be stuck on elite defense and hope the offense is good enough when it needs to be. No matter who coach or quarterback, that philosophy led to a five-year playoff drought. Again, this offseason most of the free agent money has gone to defense with our first draft pick and we’ve added another fellow quarterback (Teddy Bridgewater). Assuming the quarter room stays the same from now on, is there any reason to believe the sixth time is the charm?

-Steve Shultz

I disagree with Steve that the Broncos’ team-building philosophy is to spend tons of resources on defense, not offense.

First, more free agents who play on defense are entering the market than they are on offense – cornerbacks, passer and linebackers are available every March, but not so much for quarterbacks, receivers and linebackers. left tackles.

The reason the Broncos used their first-round pick this year on cornerback Pat Surtain II and spent free agent money on cornerbacks Ronald Darby and Kyle Fuller is simple: They have so many players. offensives in place.

Watch the first two rounds of the 2019-20 draft: tight end Noah Fant, wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, quarterback Drew Lock, left guard Dalton Risner and wide receiver KJ Hamler.

Building up the defense this offseason is as much about the Broncos’ defensive failures over the past two years as it is about improving the showdown with their rivals AFC West.

Don’t you think the Broncos brass had better go after Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson. Maybe he should sit for 6-8 games this year, but maybe they would sit for 10-12 years versus Rodgers, who can give us four years?

– Rick, Fort Worth

There are issues with Watson’s lawsuit right now. His legal troubles make him untouchable. It would be difficult for a team to defend to their fans that giving up 2-3 first-round picks and multiple players would make sense when you don’t know how long a potential suspension would be.

If Rodgers have four good years left, the Broncos should jump at the chance. We know it will be available in week 1.

In February, if Rodgers and Watson had declared their intentions on the same day (they wanted to leave Green Bay and Houston, respectively), I probably would have chosen Watson as Plan A for the reason stated by Rick – he could be the quarterback here for over a decade.

The Broncos have a ton of young talent in tight ends Noah Fant and Albert Okwuegbunam, receivers Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler and running back Javonte Williams. Chances are, one of them will make an appearance with a big season this fall. Who do you think it will be?

– Matt, East Colfax

In previous mailbags we talked about Hamler as a full candidate.

Albert O was on his way to a solid rookie year in 2020 until his ripped ACL, so I think he would be a good choice for 2022; He isn’t expected to be full out when training camp opens next month, so his numbers could suffer.

My pick from your group of players is Williams. Teams do not trade in the second round for a running back without thinking that he will be immediately formidable. Yes, Melvin Gordon was 10th in the NFL for rushing yards last year (986), but Williams looked like he was moving at a different speed during practice at Wednesday’s minicamp.

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