Why you’ll fall in love with the cast of Byron Baes, Australia’s new reality show

Jade is another Gold Coast blow-in and, like Sarah, seeks to connect with like-minded people, albeit with slightly different creative pursuits.

With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, he calls himself “Australia’s most followed male influencer”, but not everyone buys him.

“There’s something wrong with him,” remarks sassy queen Alex, as we watch the cynical manager scroll through Jade’s Instagram, luring us in with the promise of future drama.

It’s not the only drama that ferments like kale kraut in this group. Pals Nathan and Elias, who fans might recognize the bachelorette and the island of love respectively, are both quite taken with newbie Sarah.

Nathan and Elias find themselves in a love triangle.Credit:Paul A. Broben/Netflix

And any reality fan worth their salt will know that a love triangle makes for spicy TV, especially when the people involved are objectively beautiful. A dramatic showdown between the boys is teased in the opening scenes, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

Meanwhile, there’s a pre-beef brew between former best friends Hannah and Jess. Byron was born and raised, the couple were close until a misunderstanding derailed their friendship.

One of the most intriguing castmates, Hannah works hard to exude an enlightened hippie persona, describing her persona as “bohemian, eclectic and a bit weird”.

She could easily be the kind of pseudo-spiritual person we love to hate, but there’s something about her that draws us in.

Hannah invites Jess to a party she is throwing, hoping to mend the relationship. There’s only one rule…guests must dress all in white, which could prove a tricky task for photographer and tattoo artist Cai, whose all-black wardrobe exudes a punk rock ethos and nonconformist.

On the flip side to Hannah, Cai has a tough exterior, with Sid Vicious hair and ink in his arms, but he effortlessly radiates a down-to-earth, really bohemian attitude.

This person knows exactly who they are, and welcomes new friends and experiences without clinging to labels or external validation.

People like Cai are what give Byron Bay a reputation as a cultural and creative hub. He takes the dress code in his stride and his op shop style appeases the aesthetically minded crowd.

Emotions are already running high as everyone gathers at Hannah’s white party. Luckily, she recruited a sound healer to realign the group’s energy with a relaxing singing bowl ceremony.

The alien ritual proves too skeptical for Alex, who likens the entire performance to a dystopian dramatic scene before making a hasty exit. “What cult is this? he mutters as he smokes bombs from the poolside festivities.

Byron Baes Cai Leplaw, Jessica Johansen-Bell, Simba Ali and Saskia Wotton.

Byron Baes Cai Leplaw, Jessica Johansen-Bell, Simba Ali and Saskia Wotton.Credit:Paul A. Broben/Netflix

Byron has earned its reputation as a hippie town, but if this show is any indication, it’s evolved beyond hemp and tie-dye, teeming with a new generation eager to hustle, create, connect and be seen.

But will they all survive?

As Hannah points out, “Byron Bay has this powerful power that if it wants you here, it sucks you in, and if it doesn’t, it literally spits you out.”

Strap on your loins, this is going to be an intense and unmissable first season.

Byron Baes now streaming, only on Netflix.

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